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How the ETG courses are designed

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Elite Advantage

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The Journey to consistency begins with the end in mind

Understand Trading by Design

If we are crystal clear on where it is we wish to end up as traders, then it makes sense to simply work backwards and design a roadmap to get there in the most direct route. No one begins a journey without planning their destination first. That’s why we have laid out the Edge Trading Group educational courses according to the basic tenets of Understanding by Design*.

Understanding by Design (UbD), also referred to as ‘backwards design’, is a curricular planning framework or teaching method focused upon assessing student understanding via first identifying long-term desired results and planning backwards from there.  What differentiates UbD from traditional teaching frameworks is the goal isn’t to merely cover content from A to Z. We are not expecting students to go through the courses in a linear, rote manner from video 1 to 100. We want you to first become aware of what it is you’re going to understand and then plan your learning from there. Some basic tenets of UbD include focusing on developing and deepening student understanding in order to transfer that learning into skill. Understanding is revealed when students autonomously make sense of and transfer their learning through authentic performance. 

It is vitally important at this point to clearly spell out what we mean by understanding when it comes to application of trading knowledge. It is not enough to simply know trading terminology in order to pass a theoretical test. Nor do we simply want to be able to recall a list of the various skills we are required to master from rote memory. We must be able to demonstrate understanding in real life situations. From UbD we read, 

To be widely applicable, learning must be guided by generalized principles. Knowledge learned at the level of rote memory rarely transfers; transfer most likely occurs when the learner understands underlying concepts and principles that can be applied to problems in new contexts. Learning with understanding is far more likely to promote transfer than simply memorizing information from a text or a presentation.

You will begin the ETG courses by first learning what long-term goals are going to be understood from completing each course. You will also learn the summary of ideas or enduring understandings that are to be gained for each course, what common misconceptions you may encounter and finally what essential questions will guide your continual learning.

Remember that in order to properly Understand Trading by Design, always begin each learning session with the end in mind. 

*References: McTighe, J. & Wiggings, G. (2012). 
Understanding By Design framework.
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Edge Introduction

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EDGE Foundation

Lay the correct foundation of understanding trading and the markets.

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EDGE Elite

Take your trading to the next level with the Elite Trader Training

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Live Profile/Order Flow Workshop

Filmed live over 3 days with special guests Dr. Brett Steenbarger and Dr. John Keppler

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Edge Zones Bootcamp

Introduction to Edge Zones in this bootcamp series. Learn the WHY behind the Order Flow.

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