"If you know how, you'll have a job.

If you know why, you'll be the boss!"

Understand Why Markets Move

Professional Day Trading Room

Trade the US Session live with professional traders. Hosted by a 25 year veteran with floor and prop firm experience. Open Daily 8-10:30 CT

Elite Trader Training

Edge Training is laid out in 3 easy steps. Starting with our Foundational course and progressing to Elite training, you'll learn to Trade by Design, not by chance!

Virtual Prop Firm

A community for traders to talk, listen, share and encourage each other throughout their journey. An exclusive Discord Channel for Edge members.

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Edge Membership Benefits

Live Trading Room

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Understanding Trading by Design

The basics in the trading industry are advanced.  Learn what you need to develop your trading approach from the end to the beginning. Know where you're going before you start each course, check for understanding along the way, and know when you've arrived at your destination. 

The Edge training programs are designed in 3 easy to follow steps.  Know what makes a consistently profitable trader.
Know your Step 1,2,3!

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Discord Chat Room

The Edge Trading Group Community

Foundation members will receive access to our live Discord chat channel where we currently have over 50 traders who share and discuss their views on the current market action in real-time.

Elite members benefit from our live virtual prop firm where they can talk and listen to each other as if they're trading in the same room.

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EDGE Trader Training Courses


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Understand Trading by
Watch this 3 minute video on how we’ve laid out the EDGE Trader Training to get you to consistent profitability in the most direct and efficient manner!

Edge Introduction

Begin your Journey here with our Free introductory course.

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EDGE Foundation

Lay the correct foundation of understanding trading and the markets.

Course Content


EDGE Elite

Take your trading to the next level with the Elite Trader Training

Course Content

Edge Foundation

Foundation Course + Trading Room
$ 147 Monthly
  • Live Daily Trading Room 8am - 10:30am CT
  • Foundation Trader Training Course
  • Learn Order Flow, Trader Psychology and Risk Management Strategies in Real-Time
  • Exclusive Discord Chat Room Access
  • Intro to MBO Data Tools

Edge Elite

All Courses + Team Room
$ 2497 1st Month Access To Room Included - Then $147 / Month
  • Live Daily Trading Room 8am - 10:30am CT
  • Foundation & Elite Trader Training Courses
  • Virtual Prop Firm Discord + Talk/Listen Team Room Open 24/7
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions w/ Live Q & A
  • Lifetime Access to all Educational Content
Best Value

See my T’s & C’s Here

Who Are We?

Anthony Drager — Founder & CEO.

Anthony started his career as a CME arb clerk on the trading floor of the exchange in 1996.  He then went on to become a Chicago Board of Trade Member before launching his electronic trading career with one of the top Chicago Proprietary Firms [International Trading Group] in April of 2000.

Anthony created the Edge Trading Group education program in 2013.  This program is community driven where he keeps ongoing interaction with all of his members. The Edge is one of the most unique trading programs in the world because it introduces all of its traders to each other for amazing collaboration and relationship building.

Watch this below video from 2001.  

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What Our Members Have to Say

The ETG is like having multiple eyes watching to help me see things that I may have missed. Discussions of market action helps clarify my thinking, increases my learning and helps to develop a 'story' to possibly trade from. It helps to tell the story of the markets and hear others to get good trade ideas.
Brad M
From IL, USA
ETG has helped me to understand why the market does what it does. Also, being able to interact with other members and learn from their techniques and ideas. No one else is teaching this way, the correct way to look at the market. Finding the ETG is really like getting insider information of how the market truly operates and how to exploit other peoples mistakes.
Christine S
From NY, USA
The ETG has given me a clearer understanding of WHY and WHEN support and resistance works in real-time by teaching the dynamics of trader behavior.
John A
From Canada
If you want to be successful, the ETG will help you understand why and how the markets move and how to benefit from the moves.
Dr. Raj T
From Maine, USA


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